3 Mindfulness tips

Ever want to have a better sense of presence, clarity and focus in the present moment? Practicing mindfulness may just be the tool to help you get there!

There is nothing like the power of presence to improve self-love and to dispel the pain, anxiety and overwhelm that comes when we let our thoughts rule our lives. So today I wanted to share with you my top tips to begin practicing the art of mindfulness.

Although meditation is one of the best ways we can tap into our inner peace and stillness, it can be very difficult to carry this peace over into our every day lives. If you have ever tried meditating, I’m sure you know the feeling of managing to find some stillness in meditation only to open your eyes and be immediately confronted by the hustle and bustle of life. Before you can even say “mindfulness” your thoughts are whipped up into a frenzy and taking you on an emotional tail spin. The next thing you know, it’s the end of the day and you wonder how the time slipped away and managed to bring your peace with it.

Let’s face it for the most part, our lives are spent in hyper drive, we are busy doing, being, fixing, thinking, solving problems and combating a total burnout. Therefore it is important we learn how to create stillness while we are in the process of engaging in life. In fact the more we practice mindfulness and presence in our daily lives we can actually bring that stillness and peace with us into our meditations rather than vice versa.  The more we put our entire attention on the present moment the more our mind stills and finds its place of rest.

There is no end to the benefits of mindfulness such as:

  • Reduced stress
  • More clarity
  • Improved relationships
  • A deeper sense of appreciation
  • A deeper sense of self-love
  • A deeper sense of connection
  • A greater presence
  • More focus
  • More energy

And so much more!!!

Watch the video below to find out my 3 tips for practicing mindfulness


So here are my top 3 tips to bring the practice of mindfulness into your life.

  1. Practice mindfulness and presence when you are with those you love.
    • Try focusing entirely on them, rather than the thoughts in your mind.
    • Focus on your breath and your feet on the floor for grounding
    • Practice being completely present with them in the present moment. Make eye contact and observe things about their appearance without labelling our judging them. Notice the colour of their eyes, the way they sparkle, the way their nose crinkles when they laugh, the texture of their skin, the way their hair shines in the light, the freckles on their face. The key is to take in their entire being while being non judgmental.
    • Try to observe non-judgmentally what they are feeling and trying to communicate to you beyond the words they are speaking.
    • Do not judge yourself if you are not able to do this entirely, it is a practice and a muscle to be exercised.
  1. Choose three times a day to practice mindfulness
    • like, in the shower, while you are eating and while you are laying down in bed.
    • Notice all of the sensations, colours, experiences, textures, feelings, scents, tastes, sounds with non-attachment. Completely focus yourself on the tasks at hand and fully engage in the moment.  ( watch video for further guidance)
  1. Practice presence in nature.
    • Go for a walk, notice how nature interacts with itself, notice the colours the scents, our inner sensations and your experience non-judgmentally.
    • Feel the wind against your skin, the sun on your face, the pressure on your feet as you walk.
    • There is no right or wrong and what you will find is the more you engage and focus on your senses the brighter and more alive the world will feel around you!I really hope that these tips have helped you think about mindfulness in a new way, or better yet for the first time! I would LOVE to hear about your experiences with mindfulness in the comments below.Share with us your experiences with mindfulness, how you practice it and how it has benifited your life.

Until next Thursday, be blessed

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P.S. One of the greatest tools for living a mindful life, is learning how to recognize and still the voice of your Ego! You can learn more by clicking here 🙂