Let’s face it, the market is oversaturated with sleazy salesmen and shady social media influencers trying to sell you on the latest trending gimmick through false promises of success. These people only see you as numbers and are trying to find the fastest way to make a quick buck. They don’t care about what they are selling you or if it works, only that you pay up.

The good news is, the people have had enough. They are tired of being taken advantage of and not being heard. They want to work with people who care about them and are invested in their success, not people who cut ties once the money is deposited in their account. People are looking for an alternative to this dying system and empathic entrepreneurs are the ones who offer the solution (If you aren’t sure whether you’re an empathic entrepreneur or what kind you are, you can have a look at the free checklist & quiz).

Now more than ever, is the time for us to step up to the plate and shine. We as heart-centred individuals don’t have it in us to take advantage of someone just to pay the bills. Therefore, we believe in the products and services we sell. We carry ourselves with a certain authenticity, integrity and honesty that these entrepreneurs don’t. This earns us the respect of the clients and community we serve, which leads to future clients and long-lasting, professional relationships with our clients. We also deeply care about our clients’ success and that will give us the advantage in today’s market.

When you stay true to your empathic nature and speak to the heart of your potential and current clients, you have the advantage over other entrepreneurs who are spoon feeding them lies. Because you have the ability to understand them and sympathize with their struggles. That being said, you should also set boundaries in order to protect yourself, because you can’t serve if you’re struggling and you can’t serve of you are starving. So while caring about others is great, you can’t give all your services for free without suffering yourself. You have bills to pay and mouths to feed and making a martyr of yourself won’t help you make ends meet.

I personally have been there. I travelled the world helping children in need and others with little to no belongings. Sure, I made a difference in a lot of people’s lives and I am grateful for the experience, but I suffered a lot during the process. I was so busy feeding everyone else, that I wasn’t able to feed myself. I had to ask for help from my father just in order to buy something to eat and my health suffered. If I had taken care of my needs and health first, I would have been able to help so many more people and go further with my own life. So believe in yourself enough and your cause and don’t offer everything for free. In the long run, you will be able to many more people if you take care of yourself first.

Additionally, if we want to make a place for ourselves in this market, we have to charge for our work. If we don’t, all the wealth will continue to go the dishonest entrepreneurs who don’t give a dime about this world. So if you want to live in a world where there's a balance of wealth and good people rise to the top, you have to work hard and don’t be afraid to charge.

Now you may be thinking you aren’t “good enough” or have “enough experience” to charge clients for your services, especially if you are just starting out. However, you will not grow as an entrepreneur if you don’t put yourself out there and recognize the value of your work. So it comes to a point where you have to shut that self-doubt out of your mind and stop letting it hold you back.

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