There comes a point in both your life and career when you experience an external force that prevents or makes it harder for you to move forward. This force is known as resistance. Usually, this occurs after you’ve had a breakthrough and/or reached your upper limits.

While experiencing resistance can be frustrating, it's 100% normal and often an indication that you are making progress. However, it's still not something to ignore if you want to keep moving forward.

Many will try to sell you manifestation and visual realization techniques and programs in order to overcome resistance. While visualizing the future & success you want is important, it won't solve all your problems. Because life isn't always a newly paved road; sometimes you will hit some potholes and barriers along the way. So instead, we have to push back. We need to push the boundaries resistance has created until we break them. Only then will we be able to expand our upper limits and make progress.

So in order to push these boundaries, we have to first embrace the failure. When we fail at something, we often take it to heart. However, we should instead be interpreting our failures as lessons and opportunities to grow. In addition, your failures will help you build character and can often be an indication of the success that lies ahead.

Personally, my lowest points and doubts were more often than not a precursor to expansion and success. For, every time I found myself questioning whether it's all worth it and am close to giving up, I soon after experienced great success. That being said, you don't necessarily need to hit rock bottom in order to reach new levels of success. However, it's still important to remember that the biggest curse can be the biggest blessing; as it shapes and moulds you into who you become.

Additionally, it's important to remember that sometimes we need that external/internal pressure and resistance in order to learn and explore. Without the pressure of say, looming deadlines, we might not have the motivation within us to work harder and improve. This is also crucial when it comes to pursuing your dreams. For, the pressure to perform and improve is necessary for you to turn your words into actions.

So take a deep breath and don’t resist the resistance; because everything will work itself out with a little hard work and time.

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