Join myself & 8 other sacred sisters in discovering the magic of Bali while uncovering your own hidden powers. This is an opportunity for you to escape the every day to rest, reset, relax & reconnect with the magic that you are. This entire experience is customized to help you harness the power of the Divine Feminine & your own fierce power.  Not only will you experience daily life changing transformational workshops with me, you'll be pampered & loved on like never before. Think flower baths, visits to the High Priestess of Bali, Powerful Shamanic breathwork and more. Allow me to take you through the journey back to yourself & your heart.

“Attending “The Fierce Magic Bali Retreat” & being mentored by Ashley has been, by far, one of the best decisions & investments I have ever made on myself. Not only is she true to her word, she genuinely cares about harnessing ones inner power, removing the blocks which hold you back and unleashing the fierce warrior within. Her ability to tap into the Devine feminine coupled with her intuitive nature is incomparable to other self-development thought leaders and I've worked with a lot.  I am eternally grateful for Ashley’s kindness, generosity and I am proud to call her my magical fierce warrior sister.”
– Tessa Karr – Entrepreneur – London, England

I can truly say that Ashley has profoundly changed my life. The Bali retreat was pure magic, with a gentle and loving firm hand Ashley guided myself and my fellow sisters through true magical transformations. I felt safe and loved.  She gives you great tools & keeps you accountable. I can highly recommend working with Ashley, I promise that if you do work with her and do the work, your life will definitely change”
– Sofia Einrot – Writer – Stockholm, Sweden

This ‘no fluff' retreat was powerful! I have met no other person with such an immense compassion and genuine love for women's wellbeing as Ashley. She believes there is a divine plan for all of us and truly helps you to let go of any resistance. As we embraced our vulnerabilities as our strengths, we were better equipped to set powerful intentions for deep healing to take place. Weeks have now gone by and I still think of my new friends & time in Bali every day. I feel forever grateful that Ashley was there for my breakthroughs & breakdowns. A heart opening experience that I will never forget!” – Julie Zanelli – Founder “Shared Awareness” – Adelaide, Australia

Harness the magical healing power of Bali & get ready to clear your hidden blocks to success. We will work on opening your heart to receive full abundance by harnessing the power of true self-worth. You will learn how to use movement, mantras, meditation & transformational exercises to help you live your most magical life.

This is a sacred space created for 8 fierce women who're ready to support each other in rising to their highest purpose.

Please take a moment to fill out the application we will be in touch as soon as we announce the next magical retreat!

Daily workshops with Ashley to help you embody & embrace your inner warrior.

Visit & get healed by the most famous medicine man in Bali, Cokorda Rai.

Create deep & sacred sisterhoods that will last a lifetime.

Receive auric cleansing, and blessings from the first High Priest / Priestess in Bali

Be showered & adorned like the goddess you are, with massages & a flower bath

“The Bali Magic Retreat was an incredibly transformative experience for me. I was reminded that surrendering to my highest guidance in every moment invites in hyper- synchronicity and magic, which Ashley demonstrated so beautifully during our time together. It seemed like we were met with magical experiences at every turn! I loved working with Ashley; she's a fierce spiritual warrior with a heart of gold.  She held such a strong space for every woman there to see her own greatness, which is what only true leaders do in my opinion. I've been to many retreats & workshops over the years and this is by far one of the most effective I've experienced for its deep transformational power. This retreat paved the way for a new chapter in my life, one where I take action in the moment from my highest guidance, even in the face of fear. If you want to push the restart button on your life and are looking for a massive dose of inspiration, synchronicity, and connection with amazing like-minded women, then the Bali Magic Retreat is where you need to be.”
– Danielle Kort – Coach & Manifestation expert – United States

Since working with Ashley over the last 1.5 months, both as a coach & in her VIP Fear to Fierce™ program, I have had huge breakthroughs in my life. Not only has my business reached its first 5 figure month ever, Ive achieved personal success in my relationships with my husband & daughter like never before. In every meeting I’ve had with Ashley she has reached into my soul & pulled out things I had never realized before. What can I say about Ashley? She’s simply magic.” – Selin Alpogan Arslan, Entrepreneur / Founder Simply Put Goods – Boston, United States

Get ready to experience your soul immersed with the genuine Balinese hospitality in a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere at The Pandora Hotel in Ubud Bali, surrounded by tropical jungle and rice fields. The resort includes Gluten-free,  Vegetarian & vegan options for those who have special requirements and the staff are beyond accommodating with hearts of gold.
Each woman will get her own room & we will be taking up the entire hotel so it will be safe, tranquil and beautiful sacred space to heal.

Please take a moment to fill out the application we will be in touch as soon as we announce the next magical retreat!

“I loved the fierce magic Bali retreat! Ashley's magic held an enchanted space for our enlightened transformative activities. Her trusting attitude and open heart provided the perfect example for my journey towards awakened allowing, and hearing the voice of my intuition. Ashley was present in every moment, and personalized each participant's experience, while facilitating community through shared discovery. I came away from Ashley's ‘Fear to Fierce' Bali Retreat knowing that my perspective had been shifted towards greater success in life, with practical tools for continuing positive change.”  -Maryanne Co – Creative Industry Entrepreneur – Canada

“Because of the Fear to Fierce™ program, I have peace of mind and the experience of self-love like never before. Even though Ashley’s program follows 6 tangible steps, there is something extra and intangible that she brings to her coaching that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  Since working with Ashley I am now living my dreams, fulfilling my mission and am working with more clients than I ever have. The deeper self-love that I have gotten from this program has translated into me making more financially than I ever have as an entrepreneur.  There is no limit to the magic that this work can create in your life.” – Joanna Guerriere, Ghostwriter, Editor and Writing Coach

“Hello sisters! I just gotta say; this might be one of the best investments you've done so far! Ashley is an amazing coach and the energy that happens in that group is epic. Lots of love.” – Sandra Ulmbrant Nyström

“I can’t believe how much change and transformation has happened in our short time together in the Fear to Fierce™ VIP program. The thing that I loved most about it was the transformational tools & strategies that Ashley has given us to shift the way we think & our own internal dialogue. I used to think far more negatively but the small & simple steps that Ashley teaches us have really helped me achieve my goals. This program has not only helped me conquer my own fears & love myself more but it has helped me with my relationship with my daughter as well. If you join this program Ashley will truly help you see that you are worthy of your dreams & desires.” Mary Macdisi, Project Manager H&M New Business – Stockholm, Sweden