At any point in your life, you can be faced with an overwhelming feeling of self-doubt and fear. So much so, that it can halt your productivity and hold you back from fulfilling your entrepreneurial mission. If you're feeling this way, Imposter Syndrome may be to blame.

Imposter Syndrome is something that can affect anyone, regardless of their success. Even celebrities like Ryan Reynolds & Maryl Strep have admitted to having struggled with it. The upside to this is that you are not alone. There are plenty of people who can relate to what you're going through, so it's easy to find the support you need to overcome it.

Another thing you need to remember is that Imposter Syndrome is not an indication of your skills and ability to achieve success in your career. Although it can hold you back if you let it, especially if you're an empathic entrepreneur (If you are unsure about what an empathic entrepreneur is or which kind you are, be sure to take a look at the free Empath Checklist at the end of this article).

Empaths have this amazing gift to relate and sympathize with others on an emotional level, which also means that they are highly sensitive individuals. Therefore, judgements from others and the mental plagues caused by Imposter Syndrome can be harder for them.

So how does Imposter Syndrome come to fruition and why does it affect empaths more than others? As a business coach, I have worked with a lot of fellow empathic entrepreneurs who have suffered from this. Over the years, I've noticed that a lot of empaths tend to be creative individuals, such as artists and writers. The thing about creatives is that they are wired differently than logical thinkers (While being right or left-brained is a myth, there is some truth to the matter. Creatives tend to think differently than logics and their personalities differ. However, it is possible to be a mix of both.) and tend to be more sensitive.

A lot of artists have suffered many hardships and traumas. This can give access to a wider range of emotions and make them more empathetic towards others who suffered through the same rough periods in their lives. For some, art offers a sense of comfort and solace from their problems. Despite this, many still are subconsciously affected by their traumatic pasts. For example, if they had an unsupportive parent as a child or were bullied in school. Many of us don't realize this, but the feelings of self-doubt, not being good enough or loved in those situations carry on with us into adulthood. These insecurities are often at the root of the problem and why creatives suffer from Imposter Syndrome as they carry into their work lives. For, it takes a lot of raw emotion to create art and their work is often a reflection of their pain and soul. So when their work is judged, it can feel like a personal attack on them.

In order to overcome Imposter Syndrome, you have to resolve the underlying internal conflicts you are struggling with. So ask yourself what you are afraid of: Is it a fear of failure, of losing relevancy or not being good enough? The next step is to determine what caused that fear. If it was something from your childhood, seeking professional help or speaking with someone you trust in order to come to terms with your past may resolve the issue.

Another important thing to remember is you have to believe in yourself. Believe in yourself and others will too. Numerous times, I've seen extremely talented individuals be their own worse enemy by doubting their skills. So it's important to remember that you are capable and you can achieve great things if you work hard every day.

Lastly, you have to learn to shut out the non-constructive judgements of others & stop worrying about trying to fit in. There are always going to be people with opinions and not everyone is going to like you or appreciate your work. That's just how life is and the more successful you are, the more it becomes an issue. So instead of focusing on the negativity, focus on the those who support you. Stop trying to be like everyone else and lean more into who you are.  There's never going to be someone identical to you so don't hide those ic shades of grey of the real you. I guarantee you, that for every person who will dislike you for your confidence or your work, there will be several more who will embrace you for it. So doesn't that make it all the more worth it?

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