Ego vs “Self”

How to find your truth in the madness of your mind

Sometimes when seeking inner peace it can feel like we are losing ourselves in the process. Instead of feeling inner stillness, we experience an inner chaos. This can just bring about frustration, overwhelm and anxiety.

With so many different messages out there, it can be difficult to say the least to tap into our own inner compass and truth. So how do we get clear on what voice is the voice of truth?  How do we turn down the voice of the Ego & up the voice of our true & Authentic “Self”?

In this video I discuss the importance of listening to your true authentic “Self” and tell you the one question I ask myself when I am about to react, so that I can respond to life. I hope that you learn a little bit more about your “Self” in the process.

Episode breakdown:

1. Why you shouldn’t listen to me or your Ego but to your “SELF

2. My intention in sharing my own experiences, to hopefully touch a point of truth within you.

3. The importance of ending the war within ( you can also check out my video “Stop Wars” here) 

4. Taking accountability for your thoughts, actions and beliefs, NOT Blame for your experiences.

5. How to use your own inner guidance system by identifying what is your “Self” and what is your “Ego”

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I would LOVE to learn from you. What is your experience in finding your “Self”? What has or hasn't worked for you in the past? Leave a comment below and lets continue to learn and grow together.

Many Blessings,

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