Guided Grounding Meditation – Using  Alpha Brainwave Frequency

Guided Meditation For Grounding – “The Eye Of The Hurricane”

This is one of the most popular meditations from Ashley's Signature “Pain To Power™” Program

In this meditation you will explore your life from a higher perspective and connect the dots of your past experiences. By investigating the past and honouring the present, we can have faith in the future. You will begin to see that everything happens for a reason.

It also includes brilliantly engineered soundtracks produced by Christopher Lloyd Clarke of Enlightened Audio, and uses Alpha Brainwave Frequency to help deepen relaxation & clarity.

Sample Track

Alpha Brainwave Frequency

Contains a primary binaural beat of 9 – 10 Hertz.

  • Encourages a state of alpha relaxation and relaxed alertness.
  • In this state the mind is more clear and receptive to information,  and one’s sense of creativity is enhanced.
  • Those whose minds are in the Alpha State are very open to positive suggestions

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The Technology

These brilliantly engineered soundtracks use background music produced by Christopher Lloyd Clarke of Enlightened Audio. Each meditation uses binaural beats (an advanced sound technology) to help you reprogram your subconscious mind.

What Are Binaural Beats?

Binaural Beats is an auditory effect using two tones of slightly different frequencies played into each ear. They cause the brain of the listener to adjust its frequency to match that of the binaural beat ie; Alpha, Delta, Theta. Each frequency boasts it's own benefits. In this meditation we use Theta Frequency which encourages a state of creativity, clarity and focus. Learn more about binaural beats here.

Please Remember
Each meditation uses binaural beats and is best listened to with headphones. Binaural beats alter your brainwave frequency & should NOT be listened to while driving. Only listen to these meditations while you’re sitting or laying down in a comfortable and safe place .