Presence and the art of listening

Have you ever wondered how to deepen your relationship with those you love? Or how to be more present when others speak? Well, then active listening may just be the tool for you!

In one of my weekly videos ( view here )  I speek about the importance of being impeccable with your word BUT just as important as speaking with loving-kindness is to listen with compassion. Through active listening we can strengthen our presence, enrich our lives and deepen our relationships.

When practicing active listening as a tool for presence, it’s important to not only listen to the words people speak but to hear with the intention to understand. Listen with this question in mind “What is it they are trying to communicate to me?” in mind instead of making assumptions based on your own perceptions.

When we meet another with true presence we are gifted with the ability to gain a new perspective beyond the story lines, assumptions and expectations that our personality clings to.
When we truly meet another with the intent to be of service, our relationships become a true exchange of giving and receiving.

The next time you are in a conversation with someone after reading this article, maintain eye contact and set the intention to listen with an open heart and compassion. If you want to learn more techniques on how to use mindfulness to raise your presence this video is a great start! 

Before you go! Here is a beautiful quote for you that i LOVE:

“Speak in a way that others want to listen, and listen in a way that makes others want to speak”

Much love & many blessings,

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