Its time for us to stop looking outside for joy and fulfilment and start to give it to ourselves. Remember, when we live from a place of truth and power, no external circumstances can shake us.


Here are 10 reasons to throw your own, one man party

1. It gets me out of my head
2. Ups my energy
3. Releases stress.
4. Reminds me not to take myself so seriously
5. Gets me breathing
6. Gets me grounded
7. Makes me feel free
8. Brings out the kid in me
9. Reminds me that happiness isn't about how I look, it's about how i feel inside.
10. Reminds me, whenever I am down, music lifts me up.

NEVER forget to play & have fun, because if you dont do it for yourself, no one will do it for you. Today, I challenge you to a 15 second One man party. comment bellow and let me know how this made you feel SOOOOO much more alive

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#ptponemanparty and share your experience