So many of us go about our daily lives feeling unsuccessful, but why?

Almost every tale of triumph in history has left a mountain of failure in it’s wake. We claim that so many of them were an “overnight success” “lucky” or they were just “gifted”,  because we fail to see the years of perseverance, perspiration, prayer & passion it has taken for them to get there. In short, we fail to see how these people have failed their way forward to success!

It’s because of this misunderstanding of success that so many of us fall short of our own. This is not by any means because we don’t achieve it, it’s because we forget what successes truly is. We have forgotten that some of the biggest successes in our lives are the miracles that happen within each of us everyday.

So here's the little known secret to your success…  Honour your struggle.

Success is what our hearts, not our mind knows to be true. It’s the divine presence within us that is able to shine light in the face of darkness, it’s our ability to exercise compassion over criticism, it’s the triumph of love over fear, it’s taking the time to smile at a stranger even if we ourselves feel down. Greatness is being able to get up when we’ve been knocked down, it’s to keep our hearts open even if it’s filled with scars, it’s being able to forgive the unforgivable, it’s being hopeful rather than helpless, it’s searching for a breakthrough even when we are broken down. Success is laying our heads on our pillow & knowing that we did our best. Success & greatness are within each of us, but it’s up to us to honour & unleash them.

If you fail to honour your successes in the present moment, chances are you will burn out, lose hope and feel defeated. Your successful future will continue to elude you because of your inability to celebrate a successful present. Success itself isn’t just in the attainment of your goal, it’s in your ability to appreciate the process.

So the next time you’re feeling unsuccessful, take time to honour the win’s inside that often go unnoticed. Know that today even if your tale of triumph has left a trail of tears in it’s wake, success is leaning into love despite the darkness.

No matter what goal you’ve set for 2016, remember that success isn’t something to be attained in the future, it’s something to be claimed in your present.

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P.S. Id love to hear from you in the comments below. What are some of your successes that you would like to honour today?