TLC is excited to welcome international speaker, writer & coach Ashley Cooper to our first ever weekend retreat in Toronto from May 19-21, 2017. This will be an unforgettable weekend of connection, exploration & a deep dive into the divine feminine.

  • Ready to uncover & release the blocks standing in the way of you unleashing the goddess within

  • Ready to experience a deeper sense of self-love, self-care & self-worth

  • Looking to connect with other women on a deeper level

  • Looking for a break from the every day and be taken care of, spoiled and pampered

  • Still looking to make 2017 the best year of your life!

Join TLC – The Ladies Community, Ashley Cooper, Vanessa Ortali & other sacred sisters in a weekend getaway where you will not only uncover [ or discover ] your feminine power but will be spoiled & taken care of like the goddess you are.

Ashley & Vanessa have been cooking up secret experiences to help you reconnect with your feminine power, sensuality, self-love & goddess energy while connecting with likeminded sacred sisters. This is an opportunity for you to escape the everyday to rest, reset, relax & reconnect with the goddess that you are. Sound too good to be true? Well it’s not! It’s all happening May 19-21 2017 & spaces are limited.

“The Ladies Community was created with the intent to bring together a group of supportive, driven and loving women in a positive and safe environment. Our events continue to inspire women to become their best selves and tap into their divine feminine power.  Together we aim to create a sisterhood of women who build each other up in a society that is constantly telling us who we need to be and how we should do it. This weekend workshop will be nothing short of extraordinary, helping women break through their personal barriers and building authentic connection with one another.”

Vanessa Ortali , Founder TLC & Serial Entrepreneur

“The ladies community is an awesome way to get out and get to know amazing women in Toronto. I am a single professional who works remotely from my home office and found myself without a way to meet people organically. No commute, no local work friends, and no partner to introduce me to new people, meant very few opportunities to meet people organically. It is truly awesome to belong to a group of people who are eager to get together and have fun doing a wide variety of activities. I have made some really great friends through TLC and hope to continue doing so far into the future.”


“Joining TLC has been, hands down, one of the best things I have done for myself this year! I joined in July 2016 when I realized, after a recent break-up, that many of my friends had moved out of town or were busy with their own lives. I love the events TLC puts on and have met many wonderful women, many of whom are in similar life stages as myself. I have even met a friend in my neighbourhood who I have grown incredibly close to! There are constantly events going on, and online, members are always posting positive things, offering support to others, giving advice, and having interesting discussions. I am incredibly grateful to have found TLC. I truly believe my life has improved since becoming a member and meeting all these wonderful women!”


“I am so grateful to have been added to this group, it has helped me to connect with like-minded individuals and it reminds me of how kind and wonderful the world is.”


Join us for a weekend at the luxurious “La Germain Hotel” in downtown Toronto and experience what it’s like to really be taken care of.  Place yourself in our hands and let us guide you into a journey of sacred sisterhood. The only thing you need to know is the time and place and you will provided with a weekend of surprises that will delight your senses and reconnect you with your true nature.

  • 2 nights accommodation – Single Room Occupancy at the exclusive Le Germain
    (check in 19/05/2017, check out 21/05/2017)
    – For Double room occupancy, please email

  • 3 meals a day with the exception of one lunch where you will be free to roam

  • Daily Fierce Feminine Group Coaching Sessions with Ashley Cooper

  • An array of activities designed to unlock & ignite your passion

  • Tangible action steps for you to use after the retreat to deepen your healing experience



$2000 CAD   ( Tax included // prices at checkout are shown in USD )


$1400 CAD   ( Tax included // prices at checkout are shown in USD )

“When we shine our own light we give others the permission to do the same.”- Marianne Williamson

I believe that we are all born for a reason & your only job is to remember the magic that you are, I also believe that you CAN have it all…. and that’s ok! It took me years to realise it’s ok to be beautiful inside and out, to honour all of who I am, to show up as the love I feel & to treat myself as I treat others. I use to hide I the shadows embarrassed by my darkness & afraid to shine my light. I made myself small and hid away in self-hatred….but as Marianne Williamson said, “Our playing small doesn’t serve the world.” Being confident doesn’t make u a bitch, it means you embrace your worthiness and wholeness. It means that you OWN who you are and what you came on this earth to do. It’s ok to shine so u can blaze a path for others to follow, it’s ok to be fierce, brave, sexy AND be on a mission to save the world. It’s ok to be YOU sisters. The time is NOW. The world is waiting for u to embrace your fierce feminine power! Rise up sisters own all of who u are and support your fellow sisters in doing the same. 

YOU have the power within you to do, be and achieve anything you want in life. With a shift in perspective you can see that all obstacles are opportunities, vulnerability is strength, and there is possibility within every problem.

I hope that we can walk this road together, stepping into our greatness and lighting the path for others to follow.

“Ashley has such an incredible gift as a coach, telling you exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it! She is able to see what is holding you back even before you do, and supports you through that learning process.  Ashley’s energy is infectious and her ability to bring people together and get connected with their higher self is truly beautiful to be a part of! I lam grateful for this girl and appreciate all of the love she spreads to others on a daily basis!”

Vanessa Ortali, Founder TLC - Serial Entrepreneur

“Since working with Ashley not only am I working half the time & making triple the amount, this is happiest Ive been in my life [ Because I know how to get into & stay in a high vibration ] I truly feel I’ve discovered what happiness is.”

Marie-Eve St-Pierre , Coach / Personal Trainer & Founder of LetitbeFIT

“Since working with Ashley over the last 1.5 months, both as a coach & in her VIP Fear to Fierce™ program, I have had huge breakthroughs in my life. Not only has my business reached its first 5 figure month ever, Ive achieved personal success in my relationships with my husband & daughter like never before. In every coaching call I’ve had with Ashley she has reached into my soul & pulled out things I had never realized before. What can I say about Ashley? She’s simply magic.”

Selin Alpogan Arslan, Entrepreneur / Founder Simply Put Goods

“Because of the Fear to Fierce™ program, I have peace of mind and the experience of self-love like never before. Even though her program follows 6 tangible steps, there is something extra and intangible that Ashley brings to her coaching that is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.  I used to worry a lot and now I have peace around everything in my life.  I have released old toxic patterns and fears that we’re no longer serving me and I am now living my dreams and fulfilling my mission. Since working with Ashley I am working with more clients than I ever have and my deeper self-love and self-worth has translated into making more financially than I ever have as an entrepreneur. There is no limit to the magic that this work can create in your life.”

Joanna Guerriere, Ghostwriter, Editor and Writing Coach

“Before I met Ashley I was always looking for validation outside of myself, I was having a particularly difficult time in my family life and was stuck in victim mentality. It wasn’t until I worked with Ashley that I realized that nothing is happening to me but FOR me and it was little aha moments like this that made me understand the importance of compassion not only for my daughters but for myself. Within our time together we made numerous breakthroughs, she a gave me the tools to open my heart and I now see myself, my daughters & my husband with the eyes of compassion and love. If you have any opportunity to work with Ashley, I cant recommend it enough, she gives so much of herself, she is truly amazing & she has changed my life.”

Julie Zanelli , Woman's Body Health Coach

“I truly cannot say enough about Ashley & her work. Not only does she bring magic to the lives of everyone she works with, it was one of the most comprehensive and doable programs I’ve seen and done so far! Everyone should try this program, it WILL empower you, cultivate awareness and make you learn so much about yourself and your behavioral patterns.”

Dorota Buczel , Entrepreneur / Hypnotherapist / Founder The Alchemy Centre

“When I first started Ashley’s VIP program I was feeling so stuck in life, I couldn’t even imagine how much it was going to change me. Ashley is so caring & wise, and the sisterhood is incredible. It’s truly incredible to see that when one rises we all do. I highly recommend working with Ashley & joining the sisterhood“

Sandra Ulmbrant Nyström , Children’s Book Author

“I cant believe how much change and transformation has happened in our short time together in the Fear to Fierce™ VIP program. The thing that I loved most about it was the transformational tools & strategies that Ashley has given us to shift the way we think & our own internal dialogue. I use to think far more negatively but the small & simple steps that Ashley teaches us have really helped me achieve my goals. This program has not only helped me conquer my own fears & love myself more but it has helped me with my relationship with my daughter as well. If you join this program Ashley will truly help you see that you are worthy of your dreams & desires.”

Mary Macdisi, Project Manager H&M New Business

“WOW. Ashley has created one of the most comprehensive and powerful programs that I’ve seen. I am blown away by her professional and methodical approach to help anyone to turn their pain and struggle in to power and freedom. In this program, Ashley uses her step by step approach to help you connect with your personal authentic power. I highly recommend this program to anyone wants to take their life to next level.”

Eda Hardy, International Best Selling Author, Emotional Wellness Practitioner

A serial entrepreneur, avid believer of love, eternal optimist, and self development enthusiast. 

I am naturally a thinker and am always reminding myself to surrender and lead with my heart! I like to ask bizarre questions, find out other people’s stories and try new things, which lead me to sharing these findings with others online.  I really enjoy connecting with you and sharing my story.  We are all going through many of the same things and I want you to know you are not alone.  I mostly share tips on business/entrepreneurship, networking, relationships and personal development. I am always looking to become my best self, and I hope that in sharing my story with you, I am able to make you think and bring some extra positivity into to your world.



$2000 CAD   ( Tax included // prices at checkout are shown in USD )


$1400 CAD   ( Tax included // prices at checkout are shown in USD )