Something that is very common amongst entrepreneurs and creative individuals is procrastination. We see the work piling up and instead of reaching for the top of the stack, we reach for the sponge and start cleaning the restroom (Aka. me in my apartment in Thailand even though I had a cleaning service). Yet while you're busy scrubbing toilets, your workload is only growing. So you start to feel overwhelmed because you're doing a million different things then what you should be doing.

So why do we procrastinate? Chances are fear is the cause. When we are afraid of failing, of not creating something perfect or even of success, we tend to procrastinate. So we come up with really good excuses to convince ourselves and others that these non-crucial tasks need to be completed before our actual work does. However, our excuses and our stories are only going to keep us stuck & hold us back from reaching our full potential and business growth.

Our excuses are also signs that we are upper limiting ourselves. You have this set in stone idea in your mind that you cannot improve or you will never be good at a given task. You think that the skills you have will remain stagnant and don't even try to prove yourself otherwise. So you result to dwelling in your own self-pity and/or procrastinating.  In order to overcome this, you have to change your mindset. You have to believe that you can ameliorate your skills and that you can learn new ones. Once you've achieved the right state of mind, you then can apply yourself to the task at hand and work hard to get the results you want.

So how do we refrain from procrastinating? We have to ask ourselves why we are afraid of finishing our work and why we find more pleasure in procrastinating than the task at hand. Until you answer why, you'll always procrastinate, not finish your work and not fulfill your goals. Once you know what you're afraid of and what you're running from, you then can come up with a solution to prevent yourself from dawdling.

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