If you are a driven, ambitious action taker who wants to level up & stand out as an authority in your niche you're in the right place!

I've worked with 7 figure business owners, Producers, Entrepreneurs, coaches & creatives from around the world to help them strategize and monetize their mission.

With my unique blend of being a top-level mindset coach & a high-level creative strategist with over 10 years of content creation, film, photography & branding expertise I have an unparalleled skill set & knowledgebase to help you to be the voice of your industry and make your mark in the world.

“Since working with Ashley I’m not only working half the time & making triple the amount, this is the happiest I've been in my life.” –  Marie-Eve St-Pierre ,  Coach / Personal Trainer

If there is one thing I am proud of from the life I have created, is the kind of clients and people I attract. I mean, if it's true what they say you are who you hang out with, I must be pretty badass. #JustSayin

So I know, if you're still reading this that you are someone who is ready for massive change & and massive impact.


  • An Influencer, visionary, leader or creative

  • Not just a dreamer but a doer

  • Someone who is ready to make more MONEY!

  • Someone ready to be unapologetic

  •  Someone ready lead as an authority

  • Someone who is driven to succeed

  • Someone who is resilient, powerful, ready to standout & be seen

  • Someone who values freedom

  • Someone who is ready to leave their BS behind and play BIG

  • Open, Coachable and ready


  • A strategic & creative specialist

  • Focused on your success

  • A branding expert

  • Content creator extraordinaire

  • A Successful Entrepreneur

  • An expert in social media strategy

  • An international Speaker

  • Experienced in PR and market research

  • A mindset ninja

  • Here to see and cut through upper limits

  • Here to hold you accountable

  • Here to help you see & express your BADASSERY

  • Ready to help you step up your game & stand out amongst the crowd

“Being mentored by Ashley has been, by far, one of the best decisions & investments I have ever made on myself.  Her ability to tap into the Devine feminine coupled with her intuitive nature is incomparable to other self-development thought leaders and I've worked with a lot.  I am eternally grateful for Ashley.”

– Tessa Karr – Entrepreneur – London, England

“Since working with Ashley I’m not only working half the time & making triple the amount, this is the happiest I've been in my life [ Because I know how to get into & stay in a high vibration ] I truly feel I’ve discovered what happiness is.”

– Marie-Eve St-Pierre , Coach / Personal Trainer & Founder of LetitbeFIT – Canada

“ Since working with Ashley I am now living my dreams, fulfilling my mission and am working with more clients than I ever have. The deeper self-love that I have gotten from this program has translated into me making more financially than I ever have as an entrepreneur.  There is no limit to the magic that this work can create in your life.”

– Joanna Guerriere, Ghostwriter, Editor and Writing Coach

“Since working with Ashley over the last 1.5 months I've had huge breakthroughs in my life. Not only has my business reached its first 5 figure month ever, Ive achieved personal success in my relationships with my husband & daughter like never before. In every coaching call I’ve had with Ashley she has reached into my soul & pulled out things I had never realized before. What can I say about Ashley? She’s simply magic.”

– Selin Alpogan Arslan – Entrepreneur / Founder Simply Put Goods

“In over 20 years of studying Self-help & Self- Actualization material, I have encountered few programs that are as concise, supportive and elegant as Ashley’s 6A method™” If this is something that intrigues you at all, i can’t encourage you enough to look into her program and method.”

Dr. Matthew Hertert , Thriving With Diabetics

“Ashley cooper is a powerhouse of a person. She embodies what it means to passionately pursue your goals with the intention of bringing value to the world. She gives of herself and teaches how you can overcome your fears to do the same. If you have ANY intentions of taking your life past fear of failure and into a life fulfilled, then you MUST make Ashley part of your life and journey.”

Anthony Trucks , Former NFL player, Author, Speaker, 6 figure consultant

“I loved working with Ashley; she's a fierce spiritual warrior with a heart of gold.  She held such a strong space for every woman there to see her own greatness, which is what only true leaders do in my opinion. I've been to many retreats & workshops over the years and this is by far one of the most effective I've experienced for its deep transformational power. This retreat paved the way for a new chapter in my life, one where I take action in the moment from my highest guidance, even in the face of fear. If you want to push the restart button on your life and are looking for a massive dose of inspiration, synchronicity, and connection with amazing like-minded women, then the Bali Magic Retreat is where you need to be.”

– Danielle Kort – Coach & Manifestation expert – United States

“Ashley's magic held an enchanted space for our enlightened transformative activities. Her trusting attitude and open heart provided the perfect example for my journey towards awakened allowing, nd hearing the voice of my intuition. Ashley was present in every moment, and personalized each participant's experience, while facilitating community through shared discovery. I came away  knowing that my perspective had been shifted towards greater success in life, with practical tools for continuing positive change.”

-Maryanne Co – Creative Industry Entrepreneur – Canada

“I can truly say that Ashley has profoundly changed my life. She gives you great tools & keeps you accountable.  I promise that if you choose to work with her and actually do the work, your life will change.”

– Sofia Einrot – Writer – Stockholm, Sweden

“I can’t believe how much change and transformation has happened in our short time together in the Fear to Fierce™ VIP program. The thing that I loved most about it was the transformational tools & strategies that Ashley has given us to shift the way we think & our own internal dialogue. I used to think far more negatively but the small & simple steps that Ashley teaches us have really helped me achieve my goals. This program has not only helped me conquer my own fears & love myself more but it has helped me with my relationship with my daughter as well. If you join this program Ashley will truly help you see that you are worthy of your dreams & desires.”

– Mary Macdisi, Project Manager H&M New Business – Stockholm, Sweden